Fire Foundation and Fire Department Highlighted in Salem State of the City Address

Salem MayorWe’re pretty proud that Mayor Bennett mentioned us in his State of the City:

“There has been a tremendous effort in our Fire Department to improve its cardiac arrest save rate. I want to report that it has been a tremendous success. The save rate hit 50% while the national average is 32%. And a new protocol being used by only four other cities in the nation is going to increase that save rate to as high as 80%. The Fire Department and Fire Foundation, through its school programs, has trained nearly 18,000 local kids and parents in CPR and the use of AEDs in the past five years. The Pulse Point app now has 17,000 users in Salem with nearly 9,000 CPR responders ready to help save their co-workers and neighbors in an emergency. In addition, the Department has led the way in developing a community-wide resiliency plan and is working toward informing 30,000 youngsters and parents on needed supplies for sheltering in place for up to two weeks in case of community-wide emergency. This program will be broadening into a wide range of community actions and planning needed in these dire cases”

Read the entire speech here.