Autopulse: Resuscitation on the Move

We know that providing continuous CPR saves lives in the case of a sudden cardiac incident (SCI).  Salem Fire Foundation continues its goal to have the highest SCI save rate in the nation by adding Autopulse units to each fire truck.  Here’s the research:

Rialto California currently has the highest cardiac arrest save rate in the nation due predominantly to the implementation of the machine called, Autopulse. Prior to installing the devices, the department was recording only an 8 percent SCI survival rate and after the installation their survival rate increased to 46.7 percent.  Autopulse is a portable, automated machine that delivers uninterrupted CPR to a patient having a cardiac arrest. A patient is 62 percent more likely to achieve a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) when Autopulse is used to deliver chest comprehensions.  Benefits of Autopulse:

Provides high-quality CPR, without interruption and while transporting a patient.

Can be used anywhere at anytime & automatically sizes to the patient

Donation Opportunity:

SFF is raising funds for one unit and supplies.  Each Autopulse unit costs approximately $15,000 with the Autopulse LifeBand replacement (single use per patient) being $100/each and an ITD (Impedance Threshold Device) costing $100 each.

Total Need: $35,000

$15,000 = one Autopulse

$10,000 = 100 Lifeband replacements

$10,000 = 100 Impedance Threshold Devices

Hands Only CPR and AED Use Training for 8th Graders

The SFF is planning to raise up a community ready and able to assist in the case of a Sudden Cardiac Incident. To do that, they are working with Salem/Keizer Public Schools and private schools to teach hands-only CPR and AED use to all 8th Graders over the next 10 years. Since 2015 the Foundation trained over 12,000 students and covered the cost of professional firefighters\’ time, training materials and equipment. The goal is to reach 3,500 students each year and they will go on to train their parents and families.

Donation Opportunity:

Contribute to the training and purchase of reusable CPR manikin kits with videos in Spanish and English and fund 480 hours of labor.

Total Need:

$50,000 each year

Citizen CPR and AED Training

Early bystander Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training in conjunction with Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) activation can improve the chances of survival 2-3 fold. CPR and AED training classes available the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. Call 503-588-6245 to schedule your training.

CPR / AED Training

Fire Station #6
2740 25th Street SE
Salem, OR  97302
(503) 588-6245

First and third Saturday
of each month

Cost: $15

Training Location

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Whose Life Will You Save Today?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths. It can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. A man in the restaurant next door. A woman across the mall. You’re CPR-trained and glad to help in an emergency. If only you knew about it. Now you will. And it might save someone’s life.

The PulsePoint app alerts CPR-trained bystanders, like you, to a cardiac emergency in your immediate vicinity. You’ll receive the alert at the same time as professional responders – but you might be closer to the victim. PulsePoint directs you to the exact location of the emergency, as well as the closest Automated External Defibrillator (AED). So you can get to the scene and start CPR in critical lifesaving minutes before EMS teams arrive.

Once you’ve downloaded the PulsePoint app, select “Salem FD” from the agencies list. After you are following Salem FD, remember to check the CPR notification alert in the settings menu.

Download the PulsePoint apps today and get started. Your next rescue could be right around the corner.

PulsePoint Respond

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Saving Lives with the Pulsepoint App​

PulsePoint AED

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Using Pulsepoint AED

Wills For Heroes

Salem Fire Foundation Wills for Heroes Program helps Salem Firefighters prepare wills and consider important estate planning issues.  This program is free to City of Salem Firefighters and is possible thanks to time donated by local attorneys and donations to the SFF.

Click here for information on how to schedule time with our attorneys.  To donate to this worthy cause, visit here.

You’re on your way to protecting your family and your assets with a legal will.  Here are the steps:

  1. Watch the YouTube video on this site.
  2. Inform the Salem Fire Chief you have watched the video
  3. Download, print and fill out the form on this page. (take the time to fill it out completely)
  4. Mail, scan and email, drop off in person or fax the form to Monica Pacheco, PC.
  5. Wait for confirmation from the office of receipt of your documents (check back if you don’t hear back within one week).
  6. Wait for the office to schedule an appointment.  Plan one hour.

Wills For Heroes Video

Preparation Questionnaire

Download in Word or PDF format

Download Fillable Word Document

Download Fillable PDF Document