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If you have any questions about our Sustainer Memberships, you’ve come to the right place. Please click on each question below to view the answers.

Your membership dues go to supporting SFF’s continued service in the community. Membership dues help fund programs like teaching 8th graders in Salem school’s CPR and putting AED machines into the community. For more information, be sure to visit our Programs page.

Sustainer members who join before the end of 2016 will be Founding Members of the Foundation.

  • A one-year membership is different from a sustainer membership in that dues are paid in a lump sum (either $50 or $100) rather than on a monthly basis. After a year, the membership will expire and you would than have the opportunity to renew your membership. One-year membership holders are not considered Founding Members.
  • A sustainer membership is paid month by month and will continue indefinitely, unless canceled (which may be done at anytime). There are more sustainer member tiers and sustainers who sign up before the end of 2016 are considered Founding Members.
  • A student membership is the same as a yearly membership and is only available to those under 25 years old. The cost is $25 and includes a window decal and access to member’s only events. For minors, 1 chaperone is permitted to accompany minors to events. If more than one person wants to come along, we recommend upgrading to the family plan.

Member benefits change depending on your level of giving. All members receive our e-newsletter, keeping you up to date on work being done in the community, and a window sticker. Other possible benefits include physical prizes, access to our members-only events, CPR education for you and your family.

There are many ways to become an SFF member. The easiest is to visit our Membership page and fill out the new member form. If you wish to use a paper form, there is a membership form as part of the new SFF trifold-brochure. Additionally, there is a donation/membership form available at SFF events, or you can download it from our website.

No, you do not need to send a check every month. We will take payments automatically using a debit or credit card. You won’t need to worry about remembering to give your donation.

Yes, your information is secure. Payments are handled through ProPay, which secures and encrypts all of your financial information so that even we cannot access it.

Enrolling in a sustainer program using a draft from your checking account helps the Foundation avoid credit card processing fees. Regular monthly donations of any amount ensures the organization will be able to continue to provide CPR training and other services to the community.

It is very easy to control or change your membership benefits. Some donors wish their entire contribution to go to the foundation. You can decline all or part of your gifts at the time of your enrollment.

After a year you will have the option to renew, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your membership. If you choose to renew, you will receive a very special surprise gift from us as thank you for your continued support. If you choose to upgrade, you will receive that special gift plus any additional gifts that come with your new level of giving. For yearly memberships, your membership will simply expire if you are inactive. For Sustainer Memberships, you must let us know if you wish to cancel.

When you donate you become a member of Salem Fire Foundation. We appreciate your support.

You can pledge any amount you wish. We are thankful for anything you are willing to give and appreciate your generosity. If you chose to donate in-between levels, you will receive the gifts and benefits of the level closest to your level of donation without going over (e.g. if you pledge $35 a month, you will receive the benefits of a $30 a month member).

No, all membership events are completely voluntary. You have no obligation to attend any of the events organized by SFF.

Yes, a membership to SFF is a very thoughtful gift. Make sure to enter the recipient’s contact information into the form.

Yes, your donation can be anonymous if you wish. While most members are proud to be listed as a member, you are free to mark “anonymous” on your form.

The SFF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

If you wish to change your payment information, please call (503) 371-7457. We will input the new information over the phone into the system. In order to avoid the problem of expiring credit cards, we recommend drafting your payment directly from your checking account.

You will have the option to cancel your membership after a year. If you wish to cancel before then, you may contact us via our contact page on our website or call (503) 371-7457. You will also be able to downgrade your level of giving and stay a member if you so wish.

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