Breanna Mullings

Breanna Mullings Joins Foundation Board

The Salem Fire Foundation invites new members to join the board:


Breanna Mullings, Marketing Director with Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning.

Breanna Mulling’s experience in marketing, fundraising and working with and creating non-profit organizations will bring ingenuity to the Salem Fire Foundation. Breanna has been involved in several non-profits related to human trafficking and poverty. Her passion for helping others has led to leadership roles at work, organizing and leading several company and community events. She traveled countrywide and worldwide between 2004 and 2018 for volunteer opportunities, bringing her creative thinking and problem solving skills far and wide.

Breanna has many talents to contribute to the foundation, including photography, event planning and set up, digital design, marketing, as well as managing business and advertising budgets. She feels her established connection with many community-minded people will help promote support for the Salem Fire Foundation.